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Sunday, June 6, 2021

How to Earn Money with - Get Paid to Post (Payment Proof)

BeerMoneyForum Review With Payment Proofs.

BeerMoneyForum is an Online forum that you can review online money-making sites, discuss how to make money online.

Also, you can get paid to post in BeerMoneyForum. With BeerMoneyForum review let discuss more details of BeerMoneyForum. 

Received My 2nd payment.

BeerMoneyForum Review. 

What Is is one of the largest makes money online forums. Also, it offers rewards to members for sharing(post) online money earning sites’ reviews, Payment proofs, and more activities. BeerMoneyForum is started in 2017 by Mr. I. C. Daniel. 

Did you think it’s something related to Beer? no, it’s not like that. It’s nothing to do with beer. It is just only a name.


BeerMoneyForum's main aim is to help people to earn money online.

Also, it facilitates its members to post their online earning experiences. Anybody can join and share their make money online experiences with others
Also, members can post their reviews of money-making sites, Payment Proofs, online money earning experiences, scam sites, and many more. not only that, the best thing is it pays to each member for their posting in BMF. 

You can easily learn how to make money blogging, Online money-making sites, affiliate programs, online money-making apps, creative ways to make money, and many more online earning methods.

Also, BeerMoneyForum allows its users to post their referral links on the forum.
In BMF you can post and make discussions under the main 6 topics.


BeerMoneyForum Details - BeerMoneyForum Review

Network type Forum
Revenue model Posting messages, complete task
Support platforms Forum
Minimum payment 1$
Ad format Banner, stickers
Payout rate
Payment Frequency     Net 30, 25th of each month
Payment methods PayPal
Referral Rate 10%
Contact  Mail                                     
Specific Nichesno. ideal for all
Minimum traffic -
Approve process instant


How to earn money online with BeerMoneyForum? 

BeerMoneyForum pays its members for making comments, creating new threads, likes, Referring others, complete sign-up, and more tasks on Beermoneyforum. 
You can earn and do transactions via BMF Coins in BMF. BeerMoneyForum uses its own currency called BMF Coins to pay all its users.

1000 BMF coins equal to 1$ and it pays via PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill.

What are BMF Tokens/coins?

BMF Tokens is the official currency rewarded on BeerMoneyForum. 1000 BMF tokens = 1$

How you can earn BMF coin from BMF?

  •     Earn 1000 BMF tokens per referral
  •     50 BMF tokens per new thread
  •     20 BMF tokens per new reply
  •     500 BMF tokens for reporting unsolicited private messages
  •     10 BMF tokens when someone Like your post
  •     Earn up to 1000 BMF tokens for watching videos
  •     1000 BMF tokens per referral sign up
  •     By Lock tutorials, members must pay BMF tokens for access
  •     Participate in raffles to win BMF tokens
  •     Complete the jobs and deals from the market place that pays in BMF Tokens
  •     Earn a 10% referral commission.

How BeerMoneyForum work?

  1.         1. Sign up to BeerMoneyForum and confirm your account.

    1. After confirming you can begin posting on the forum 

    2. With BMF you are allowing to post up to 3 threads + 3 replies per hour, after reaching the limit you have to wait for another one hour. Also, your comment must be at least 100 characters to claim your coin.

    3. Earn 50 BMF Tokens per new thread, earn 20 BMF Tokens per new reply, earn 500 BMF Tokens for reporting unsolicited private messages, Earn 10 BMF Tokens when someone LIKE your posts

    4. You can earn 1000 BMF coins If anyone joins from your referral links.

    5. In BeerMoneyForum they have a marketplace. In here members offer work to others. You have the opportunity to earn an extra coin for completing tasks.

    6. Also, you can also earn rewards by entering a different contest.
Posting limits *You can create 3 posts + 3 threads per hour. After you reached its posting limit you have to wait one hour and post again to get rewards. 
Important* - Your Threads and replies must be genuine opinions and have at least 100 characters to receive the rewards.

Not only earn money. You need to invest your money to boost your income such as investing methods of the stock market, start a business and become your own boss, and start a blog site.

However, there are few things to think about before investing your money too. Be a Smart investor like warrant Buffett.

Also, read how to make money blogging and secrets for making money online

BeerMoneyForum Rules.

  • Not allow to Spam in the forum, sending unsolicited private messages is considered as spam.
  • You will have lost 1000 BMF tokens per spam post. If you continue you will be banned for life.
  • Not allow to Copy Paste content.
  • You are allowed to add your website/ref link to your signature.
  • Posting one reply after your other comment on the site is not allowed.
  • The post should be related to making money online and it needs to be helpful and supply valuable information to join those sites and start earning.
  • Not allow posting a duplicate post.
  • If you post a YouTube video in the forum, you should add it via the BeerMoneyForum channel.
  • There are some non-paid sections. Those sections have been excluded from paid to post.
  • The BMF Office
  • How to Make Money Online?
  • Marketplace

How to withdraw your Payment?

Payments from BMF All BMF Tokens you earn for being active can be REDEEM for real cash when you reach the minimum cash out of $1. 
NOTE* - to request a cash out you must have at least 100 messages posted
Note** - 1000 BMF Coins = $1 USD.

Support payment processors

  • PayPal - $1 minimum (no longer available)
  • Payeer - $1 minimum
  • Perfect Money - $1 minimum
  • Bitcoin - $10 minimum
  • ETHEREUM - $10 minimum
  • Skrill - $10 minimum

When you receive your payment?

Payments are sent on the 25th of each month.

Advertising opportunities with BeerMoneyForum

BMF offer banners, Stickiest, and custom advertising package. Banner costs 100$ per month.

BeerMoneyForum Referral program

BeerMoneyForum has a referral program, if anyone joins from your BMF referral links then you will get 1000BMF coins. But Your referral must be active and must post at least 100 messages.

Requirements and Restrictions

  • Duplicate threads are not allowed to post
  • Not allow copy-paste content from other websites to create new posts
  • Do not create more than one BMF account
  • If you do not sign up once per 30 days then, your BMF balance will become Zero(0).
  • You can create 3 threads + 3 posts/hour
  • Porn site links not allow
  • Not allow duplicate IP address.

BeerMoneyForum Review - Pros and Cons of BeerMoneyForum.

  • You can earn money while you posting and share your experiences.
  • 1$ minimum cash out
  • Lots of positive reviews about Beermoneyforum
  • It allows referral links on posts
  • Lots of different online earning opportunities
  • You can earn BMF coins for Posting and commenting
  • Monthly payments · Easy sign up
  • 24/7 support · Good referral program
  • The Best protection against scam networks
  • BMF has its own GPT site,
  • You can create 3 threads + 3 posts/hour
  • If you don’t sign up once per month then, your BMF balance will become 0.


BeerMoneyforum Payment Proofs - BeerMoneyforum review

My 2nd Payment proof from

This is the best place to learning, help, and earns money online. Also, they have launched their survey site, BeerSurvey to double your earnings.


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I Hope the above BeerMoneyForum review With Payment Proofs helps you to make money online by getting Paid to post and help you and others to earn money online. If you have any problem or know more on this BeerMoneyForum, Please share your BeerMoneyForum Review With Payment Proofs with us in the comments section below. Thanks!