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Sunday, June 6, 2021

PicoWorkers - PicoWorkers Review With Payment Proofs

Picoworkers Review With Payment Proofs.

With Picoworkers Now everyone can earn money by completing Online Micro Jobs.

It is the best marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world with Customers.

PicoWorkers - PicoWorkers Review With Payment Proofs

Picoworkers is online since 2016. It's still paying.

My Payment Proofs from Picoworkers for January 2020 

Picoworkers payment proofs
Picoworkers payment proofs




My 11th payment proof from Picowrokers 

My 15th payment proof from Picoworkers

picoworker payment proof

Picoworkers review. What is PicoWorker?

PicoWorkers is an online crowd-sourcing web site. It provides an online micro job for everyone to make money online. That is a site which Employers and workers together to meet their needs and help everyone to make money online.

This provides online jobs/Micro jobs for anybody looking to earn money. Not only that it is a place for employers to get small tasks done by easily hiring people from all across the world. It is an online market place for connects Freelancers and online earners with their Advertisers/Employees. you can know more details about how to earn with Picoworkers from this PicoWorkers Review With Payment Proofs.
There are few similar web sites to Picoworkers such as Microworkers and Mturk.

you can earn minimum 0.02$ per micro job. Would you interested to earn more then visit our Online Business section and Join with Online earning sites such as SerpClix ( earn minimum 0.05$ Per order), Presearch and many more.

How Picoworkers Work?

If workers can complete all requirements successfully of the available task, then workers can earn money by completing that jobs. So is a web site that helps in bringing employment and workers virtually at one place/market, who are residing across the world. So in here, employers can advertise their campaigns and workers can work and complete those campaigns and earn money for those completed tasks. Read fully Picoworkers review article for more details with Payment Proofs.

Currently, They offer 0.75$ sign up offer for their new sign up members. You can use that amount to advertise some Online jobs.

Is Picoworkers fake? PicoWorkers Review

No. Picoworkers is not a fake. That is legit and working well. Everyone can work with Picoworkers and everyone can make money Online with that site. Already I received numbers of Payment Proofs. I was a success with Picoworkers as an earner and as an advertiser. That gain best result for me. From advertising as well as online earning.

Is Picoworkers still Paying?PicoWorkers Review

Yes, Picoworkers still paying. After you reach the minimum withdrawal level, You can withdraw money from Picoworkers. For withdraw the online earnings you need to reach the minimum withdrawal level of 5$. You can choose any Payment processor as you wish. Read the full article of PicoWorkers Review - PicoWorkers Review With Payment Proofs for seeing my Payment Proofs. In fact, you can realize Picoworkers is better than mturk.

Who can join and earn with Picoworkers?

There are two parties. They are,
1. Employees - People who need other people to help them to support their online or offline tasks. They are advertising their Micro tasks in Picoworkers
2. Workers - People who join with Picoworkers to complete Online Jobs and earn money.


Those are people who need other people to help them to support their online or offline tasks. They need help getting tasks done. Employers post different tasks for Workers and pay them money after workers complete those task successfully.

Employers can ask people to help them for,

  • Sign up to web sites  
  • Like a Facebook page  
  • See YouTube videos and subscribe to YouTube channels  
  • Search and visit the web site  
  • Follow on social media profiles  
  • Create new e-mail accounts  
  • FB comments and much more.      

Employers can review the workers completed the task and pay for workers for his every completed task that advertiser satisfied with.

Employers deposits If you deposit money using automated deposit option, money is available in your account immediately. On users first deposit, PicoWorkers will verify your identity. Also, they do not apply any charges on deposits. Deposits options are listed on PicoWorkers Deposit page.

  • Job approval fee is 0.25$.
  • Fee for tasks rated satisfied is 7%.        
  • The Minimum cost per jobs    
  • Lower prices  
  • FB Like $0.03   
  • Sign up $0.08   
  • visit $0.02   
  • YouTube Subscribe $0.04     
  • FB Comment $0.04   
  • Twitter Follow $0.04  
  • Instagram Follow $0.04           


These are people who want to make money completing short and Ongoing jobs. They can make money if they complete the jobs successfully. Without any issues, you can be a worker and employer at the same time by using the same PicoWorker account. They enjoy helping others. Workers can accept jobs they like and deliver the result, then workers can get paid.

  • Browse Small and Ongoing jobs
  • Select jobs you like
  • Finish tasks as required by Employer
  • Submit proof Earn money

Each person can create their own profile page which can be personalized to reflect the user’s experiences, beliefs, favorites, about yourself and expectations. You can edit sections such as My Photo, Background image, about me, Languages are spoken, etc.
The profile page also shows useful information such as User name, his/her Level, his/her earning Points, user Nickname, Country, Work is done, Money earned, Last login and other details. Visit your Profile page to learn about more features and update your information on it. The good Profile page will make you stand out of the crowd and can get you hired faster.

What jobs can workers accept in Picoworkers?

The worker should only accept jobs, only workers are capable of finishing. Workers can get paid immediately after the task is reviewed and the employer became fully satisfied with the job. Only workers have to wait a maximum of 7 days.

Picoworkers Withdrawals for workers

Workers can withdraw their earning when they earn 5$. Withdrawals are processing a few times per week. PicoWorkers will pay within 10 days. They charge a small fee to process withdrawals. According to the payment processor, the withdrawal fee can be different. Workers can select one withdrawal processor as they prefer among many Payment processors that listed in Withdrawal page.

Available payment processors; PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card and Cheques

Picoworkers Sign up

  • Go to Picoworkers and click on sign up button
  • Fill Your correct details - Account information, Secure your account, Make Your Profile look Professional
  • Click on Create an account button

How to earn with PicoWorkers?

In Picoworkers there are two kinds of jobs. By successfully completing that jobs, you can earn money.

01. Small jobs

These jobs are simple and small tasks for users. Like, sign up, Like, Share, Twitter Follow, and visit and many little tasks. In small jobs, the employer can hire many random workers to basically perform the same kind of task.

Minimum earnings for each task.

Lower prices FB Like $0.03, Sign up $0.08, visit $0.02, YouTube Subscribe $0.04, FB Comment $0.04, Twitter Follow $0.04, Instagram Follow $0.04.

02. Ongoing jobs

These jobs are a little bit complex than small jobs. An employer can hire someone who would work on more complex problems and preferably long term. The employer will hire someone to perform tasks for the employer on a regular basis (once per day, few times per day few times per week, once weekly) rather than asking different people to do that.
After hiring someone and assigning a Project, that person will chat with Employer to understand the problem, then deliver results when required by the Employer. During the hiring Employer can monitor Workers work and accept or reject tasks. So Ongoing Projects are an easy way to hire someone and keep track of their progress in one place.

How much can you earn with Picoworkers? PicoWorkers Review

If you do not have many skills and only you are doing Small Tasks then, you can easily earn 5-10$ per month with PicoWorker. But if you can complete more Ongoing jobs successfully then your earnings go high. Then you can earn up to 30$ per month. Most high earning opportunities are available for USA and Europe countries.

Pros and Cons of Picoworkers-PicoWorkers Review


  • Good and easy to navigate interface
  • They offer $0.75 bonus just for signup up
  • Various Withdrawal options are available for workers
  • Not need to complete any tests/assessment to get the first job.
  • Lower withdrawal threshold and fee
  • easy to register and earn money the same day
  • Jobs are simple and easy to complete


  • Sometimes a few small jobs available to complete
  • Success rate might affect your earning
  • The platform is new and not reliable yet
  • You must have to upload your photo and one valid Identity Proof for verification
  • Employers are Few
  • Some negative feedback and complaints about payments, account blocks, verified documents.
  • Success rates must be above 75%
  • Supports are not satisfying
  • Some Employers reject or gives a bad review for workers and might not get paid.

There are a few scam employers. Some Employers reject or gives a bad review for workers and might not get paid. That can be damage workers’ ability to get future jobs.
Personally, I have that bad experience; some employers give bad reviews for my completed task without any acceptable reason. Then I report about that issue and fix a few tasks and get paid. But most of the reported tasks still haven’t received any positive reply.

Referral program of Picoworkers

Referrals earnings are available.
5% from referral deposit and earnings per task.

Payment details of Picoworkers

Minimum withdrawal level for Workers is 5$. PicoWorker will auto paying after account balance reach 5$ minimum payment limit or you can do it manually.
Withdrawals are processed within 10 days of placing a request.
Available Payment processors – PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card, cheque

Payment proofs from Picoworkers 2020 - PicoWorkers Review

Things to keep in your mind when working with Picoworkers

When you are working with PicoWorkers you have to keep in mind some factors.
Success Rate – Workers must maintain a SUCCESS RATE of above 75% at all time. Low success rate (below 75%) prevents a worker from performing jobs for the next 30 days.
Small jobs Success rate – That rate depends on how much small tasks you complete successfully in 50 days.
For Ongoing jobs, workers will get paid after the employer review and rate worker’s task as satisfied or non-satisfied.

Micro earning sites are an excellent place to work with your short skills. By completing the online jobs or micro-task, you can get paid.

However, With micro jobs sites, you cannot make a thousand amounts of money from the night, but you can earn some pocket money easily. It is fast and smart. Currently, with PicoWorkers still, you can earn some decent money with Picoworkers. You can withdraw that money or use that money to do advertising on that site.

* Already I got the number of payments. So I recommenced Picoworkers to join and earn. It will help you to boost your online earnings.

I Hope the above Picoworkers review with Payment proof help you to make money online. And if you have any problem, experiences or know more on Picoworkers or its payments, Please share with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

Not only earn money. You need to invest your money to boost your income such as investing methods of the stock market, start a business and become your own boss, and start a blog site.

However, there are few things to think before investing your money too. Be Smart investor like warrent buffett.
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